A. back squat build to a 6rm in 5 sets rest as needed
for time grinder pace
60 wall balls 20# 10′ target
50 ball slams 30#
40 CTB chinups
30 FS 135# from the ground
20 box jump 30″

A. 95/6, 135/6, 155/6, 185/6, 215/6


23:30 — CTB and FS were the slow part

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1/10/15 video

PC build to a max in 8mins
rest 2mins
PC 8min amrap 90% of above max

rest AD easy spin 20mins

3 rounds for time
Row 1k
50 walk lunges

Stress is very good, energy was not there today, legs felt a little dead. Getting better at the 8 min max but still a little off and not reaching a true max.

PC max. 95K Ran out of time after missing 104K. Way to large of a bump

8 min PC @ 86K – 29 reps

Z1 done, this felt like a chore normally really enjoy my Z1 rides

23:23 – legs were done but that was about as good as I could do


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2K row for time – 7:04

Feeling great today, very rested and low overall stress.

Was very conservative in my approach, decided to stay around 90% for the first 1.5K and the go harder on the final 500. Worked well, never had a dip in power output and finished strong. Sub 7 should be very achievable in the next attempt.

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Tuesday, July 10 2012

5 Rounds For Time
Run 400M
20 Wall Balls to 9′ Target
10 Burpees

Record your time and post to comments.  BTW, posting to comments is a good way to track results.

Check the following link for exercise demos and instruction.

Wall Ball, you don’t need the second ball on the ground, just make sure you squat so that your hip is lower than your knee.


Burpee, excuse the music in the video but good instruction none the less


Bunch of other videos here :



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